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Bible education for
Allen East Local students
During School Hours.

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Program Details

LifeWise Allen East has launched in our community! For more information on how you can get involved, please email our Program Director, Karrie LeSure at karrielesure@lifewiseacademy.org!



  • Karrie Lesure(karrielesure@lifewise.org)


  • Byrn Derek Henry(derekhenry@lifewise.org)
  • Elizabeth Coates(elizabethcoates@lifewise.org)
  • Tiffany Werling(tiffanywerling@lifewise.org)
  • Tyler Webb(tylerwebb@lifewise.org)

Mailing Address

9011 Hardin Hwy, Harrod, Ohio 45850


You are needed! Sign up here to help us bring the Bible to public school students in our community.

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