the 10 steps to launch a lifewise

This process has been proven hundreds of times over. Just follow the steps and remember, no skipping!

Collect 50 Signatures

Community members sign an online Community Interest List to say, “Yes, I’d like to see a local LifeWise started.”
(1-4 Weeks)

Join a Kickoff Meeting

Your community gathers physically in a local church and joins a virtual meeting with other communities to learn more about LifeWise and how to move forward.
(1-3 Weeks)

Raise $500

Raising $500 serves as a kickstarter for program fundraising and gives individuals in your district the opportunity to financially commit to seeing a LifeWise program started.
(0-2 Weeks)

Form a Steering Committee

3-9 members representing 3 or more churches unite.
(0-3 Weeks)

Draft a Plan

The committee meets with a LifeWise Coach to set the course and prepare a proposal for school officials.
(2-4 Weeks)

Obtain School Approval

The Plan is presented to school officials with the request of written approval to move forward.
(2-6 Weeks)

Recruit Your Team

Identify a local Director and volunteer board.
(0-6 Weeks)

Train Your Team

Leaders receive in-person and online training.
(2-6 Weeks)

Execute the Plan

The local team manages a t-minus plan with all the necessary details for a successful launch.
(12+ Weeks)

Anyone in any community can get the ball rolling, it only takes 50 signatures to get started! Start with Step 1: Find your school and Collect 50 Signatures.

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