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Powered by The Gospel Project, our curriculum takes students through the entire Bible over five years with a 3 fold focus: Head, Heart, and Hands.

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Each LifeWise lesson reviews a Bible passage as well as a “Living LifeWise” character trait. The lessons’ order and activities are flexible and can be modified as the teacher finds necessary. Each LifeWise lesson has an intentional focus on three areas:


We focus first on simply knowing what the Bible says, what happened in the story and what we learn about God, ourselves or the world through each passage.


We examine how the Bible story ties into and points to the big picture of the gospel. We consider our failures, sinfulness and need of a savior as well as Jesus’ victory in accomplishing for us what we could not achieve for ourselves.


We explore ways students can live out the changed character the gospel produces. More than sending the students out to merely “try harder to be good,” we show how Jesus changes our desires, actions and character to be more like His.

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