Our Program is live and open for enrollment

Bible education for
West Central School Corp students
During School Hours.

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This 3-minute video explains everything.

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Program Details

Students in grades 1-8 attend one of our 15 offered LifeWise classes once a week. Classes take place in between the hours of 8:15-10:45am for elementary and 11:30am-1:15pm for junior high.

We currently have 275 students enrolled in the program



    • Amber Leman(amberleman@lifewise.org)


    • Bethany Podell
    • Jenna Pelsy
    • Jerry Norman
    • Jerry Norman
    • Jodena (Jodie) Schlatter
    • Lisa Mahaffey
    • Sharon Miller
    • Stephanie Huber
    • Vicki Peter

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15558 W 500 S Francesville, IN 47946

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