Apply To Be A LifeWise Teacher

We are thankful for your interest in being a LifeWise Academy Teacher. LifeWise is a released time religious instruction program that exists to reach public school students with the gospel during school hours. Therefore, we would like to go beyond your work history and learn something of your spiritual journey, character and beliefs. If you have any problems with the application, please submit a ticket at

Application Instructions:

Step 1: Obtain a letter of recommendation from your current local church leadership (preferably a pastor or elder). Save the file as a pdf with your name in the document title.

Step 2: Prepare your resume and save the file as a pdf.

Step 3: Copy, paste and answer the questions below in a separate document. A brief 1-3 sentence answer for each question will suffice. Save your final file as a pdf.

Links For Reference:

Spiritual Life

  1. Tell us briefly how Christ has worked in your life. Be sure to include an account of coming to faith.
  2. List any churches you have been a part of in the past 10 years, starting with your current home church. Please include the church name, location and dates attended.
  3. In what ways do you serve in your home church?

Doctrine and Philosophy of Ministry

  1. Briefly describe your understanding of who God is.
  2. Briefly describe your understanding of the Bible.
  3. How does someone become a Christian?
  4. LifeWise is unswervingly committed to teaching the whole Bible with God as the hero and the gospel as the center. In your own words, what is the gospel?
  5. Why is it important to have a gospel-centered understanding of the whole Bible?

Teaching and the Classroom

  1. After reviewing the LifeWise Program Overview, what excites you about the Bible Education Philosophy and sample curriculum?
  2. How might you handle a classroom situation where a child brings up a question of doctrine on an issue of secondary importance (e.g., “Why do people at my church speak in tongues?” or, “Why does my grandma pray to Mary?”)?
  3. How would you handle a student who is constantly disruptive or defiant?
  4. How do you keep students engaged and motivated?
  5. What strategies do you use to address students’ diverse learning styles, abilities, and disabilities?

Step 4: Complete this form and upload the files from steps 1-3: LifeWise Teacher Application Form

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