The Volunteer Field Rep

The biggest thing standing in the way is people just don’t know this is possible.

Job description

Volunteer Field Representatives will be the tip of the spear to help LifeWise reach all 50 Million public school students across the nation. This role will catalyze the start of new LifeWise programs by focusing on three simple, but critical, things:

1. Telling the LifeWise story

The story of what God is doing through LifeWise is powerful and compelling. You will seek out one-on-one, small group and large gathering opportunities to simply share about what we believe is the single greatest opportunity to impact the next generation with the Word of God.

2. Answering common questions

The LifeWise concept is brand new to most people and often prompts a series of questions. You will be equipped to answer the most frequently asked questions as well as how to navigate LifeWise resources to answer the less common ones.

3. Calling people to action

Your job is to prompt action. Members of local communities must take ownership. You will encourage communities to move through the first steps of the established LifeWise launch process. Once the ball is rolling, you’ll move on to the next community!

This is a volunteer, unpaid position that will operate remotely.

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