In letter of endorsement, Alabama Lt. Governor calls LifeWise Academy a ‘proven, reputable partner’ providing students with ‘a solid education foundation and strong moral character’

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Author: Phillip Fox

Press Release: JDA Worldwide for LifeWise Academy

January 29, 2024

COLUMBUS, OH — In a recent letter addressed to school superintendents across Alabama, Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth commended LifeWise Academy as a national leader in integrating religious instruction with character development for public school children. He described the nonprofit organization as a “proven, reputable partner” in providing students with “a solid education foundation and strong moral character.”

LifeWise’s released-time program, fully funded by private donors, offers Bible education to public school students and currently serves over 300 schools across 15 states. With parent permission, students can participate in religious instruction during school hours at various off-campus locations.

Lt. Governor Ainsworth highlighted the positive impact LifeWise classes have on students, citing satisfaction surveys where 76% of educators believe the school and students benefit from LifeWise, and 96% of parents would recommend other parents enroll their child. The character-focused curriculum has improved students’ mental health, academic performance, school attendance, and led to a decrease in disciplinary issues in schools that accommodate LifeWise Academy Bible classes.

LifeWise Academy’s weekly lessons review Bible passages and focus on themes such as respect, responsibility, and courage. Students learn to apply these traits in practical ways at school, at home and in the community, fostering behavioral transformation that stems from a changed heart.

“When the instruction is rooted in biblical teachings, the moral lessons become exponentially more effective,” Ainsworth told Yellow Hammer News this past week. “Parents should have the ability to enroll their children in elective, Bible-based character development instruction, and I am encouraging all superintendents to offer that option.”

Lifewise Academy invites school districts across Alabama to explore the opportunity for collaboration with LifeWise programs. Lt. Governor Ainsworth encourages conversations with community leaders and parents to consider the potential benefits of integrating LifeWise Academy into the district’s education objectives.

“Every single student has God-given abilities and passions, and building their character helps discover and develop those talents. The lasting lessons that LifeWise teaches allows students to grow into meaningful contributors to their community during adulthood” Ainsworth concludes in his letter.

To view the full letter from Lt. Governor Ainsworth, click here


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