How to Share LifeWise with Your Church


Print Bulletin Insert

Add the half-sheet print-out to your weekly bulletin or leave a copy on each seat.


Show the Promo Video

Download your preferred LifeWise promo video to show during your church service.


Share From the Front

I’m very excited to report that a group in our community is looking into launching a local LifeWise Academy. The first step is to demonstrate broad community support. Our goal is to collect 200 names on our Community Interest List. I’d like to invite everyone to sign the list today. You can do that by filling out the handout you received. Completing the handout is simply saying “Yes, I would like to see the Bible taught to our public school students.” Please take a moment to fill it out, pass them in, or drop it in the basket at the end of the service. If you’re watching this service at home, visit


Collect and Enter the Information

Add the information gathered from the Bulletin Inserts to your Community Interest List (CIL) at Search your zip code, choose your school district, then enter all of the information from each Bulletin Insert individually to submit them to your list.


Alternate Option for Video | LifeWise Bible-Ed One-Pager

If a video cannot be shown, consider sharing the basic details from the LifeWise One-Pager and possibly even printing the document for attendees.


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