Brand Guidelines

We believe that a strategic way to reach more students with the gospel is to grow the LifeWise brand nationwide. Much like other large organizations that share one identity across many locations, we want to demonstrate a high level of unity and consistency from one local LifeWise program to another. Having everyone aligned under these carefully established guidelines will not only make our organization more recognizable, but also demonstrates the level of excellence to which we aspire every day.

Please review the Brand Guidelines carefully before creating any branded marketing collateral, location signage, print materials or social media posts.



  • On White Background
  • Location Specific Marketing Collateral
    • Most marketing collateral will be provided by the LW Support Center, either as completed ready-to-use files or templates with select editable fields.
    • LW One-Pagers, Community Interest Bulletin Insert, Parent Packet Cover Letter, Permission Slips, Budget & Giving Levels, etc.



  • On Red Background
  • Select Location Specific Marketing Collateral
  • Mailchimp Template
    • Provided by the LW Support Center
    • See Mailchimp Process & Guidelines
    • Social Media Profile Images

LW Main


  • On White Background
  • Marketing Collateral Provided by HQ
    • Brochures, Program Overview, What Educators Need to Know  Booklet, ‘Thank You’ Notes, etc.  
    • Program Location Signage, Press Releases, Local News Features &  Similar Program Launch Marketing


Brand fonts were selected by the LW Support Center to be used for marketing and communication according to the specifications outlined in this document. These fonts are available for download from our Location Resources page.

Predator 0316 Slab Cut

Prohibition Regular

Headings & Numbers

Prohibition regular




Brandon Grotesque Medium

Brandon Grotesque Regular



LW has carefully selected brand colors that are to be used according to the specifications outlined in this document. Color codes and uses are provided on page 3.

Please adhere to these colors on all LW branded marketing materials. Review existing materials for additional guidance.

  • Pantone: 1797 C
  • C: 13 M: 94 Y: 83 K: 3
  • R: 207 G: 51 B: 57
  • HEX #: cf3339
  • PANTONE: 7622 C
  • C: 27 M: 95 Y: 85 K: 24
  • R: 150 G: 38 B: 44
  • HEX #: 96262c
  • PANTONE: 128 C
  • C: 27 M: 95 Y: 85 K: 24
  • R: 246 G: 212 B: 77
  • Hex #: f6d44d
  • PANTONE: 144 C
  • C: 3 M: 54 Y: 100 K: 0
  • R: 241 G: 138 B: 0
  • HEX #: f18a00

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