August 24, 2022

Bringing Christian Education to schools

Yes! You read that right. There are programs available now that are bringing Christian Education to the schools. That may seem impossible, knowing that by law there is a separation of Church and State, but there are some really great options now for teaching Bible basics to school children. The programs that offer these types of courses to students are called Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) classes. They are legally able to offer these classes as an elective, during school time, but off of school campus. Usually, communities raise the funds to purchase or use land nearby the school and erect a classroom very close to school property allowing students to walk to their RTBE courses. With a parent’s permission, these classes are available to whoever is interested.

Note to Schools:

If you are a school administrator or principal, you know the strain on your budget after losing potential State funds when a parent chooses homeschooling, or enrollment into a private Christian school. Now, you have the potential to gain some of these students and add to your awarded State funds. If you consider these Christian Education courses as an option for your students, you all will reap the wonderful benefits.

Note to Teachers:

As teachers, you don’t get enough credit for all the hours, love, and hard work you pour into your students on a daily basis. You take on so many roles and fill in so many gaps for your students. You should consider adding counselor, friend, nurse, protector, organizer, and so many more titles to your resume. With this long list of duties, we know it can be hard to find the time to add in character education to your daily curriculum. LifeWise Academy can help fill that void with courses designed to partner up with teachers and parents to teach morals, and good character.

If these Christian Education courses seem like something you want to offer to your students, we hope to help you get them established in your area, and make them available for your students. If you are not sure where to start, contact us, we would love to help you take the first steps in making Christian Education classes available to your students.

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